Cycleboat Tours$49
Private Charters (up to 16 people)$592
Private Charters (up to 24 people)$888
Private Charters (up to 26 people)$962
Cycleboat Tour $59
Private Charters (up to 16 people) $656
Private Charters (up to 24 people) $984
Private Charters (up to 26 people) $1066

Pick Your Tour:

Sunset on the boston harbor from Cycleboat boston

Mimosa Morning Cruise: Get the day started off right with a Cycleboat tour, bring your morning food and drink of choice and we'll bring the city views.

Sunset Cruise: Book a Sunset cruise, take in the colors and hear the cannon go off at the USS Constitution in the Navy Yard every night at sunset. 

City Lights Cruise: Boston is beautiful at night! Join us later in the evening for night skis and city lights, we can get the lights and music on the boat going for a full party vibe.

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