Frequently Asked Questions About Cycleboat

Please contact us with any questions you can’t find the answers to here!

Where does the tour start and how can I get there?

All of our daily public tours depart from the Pier 6 Restaurant Dock in the Charlestown Navy Yard (1 8th St, Charlestown, MA 02129). By public transportation, pier 6 is a 5 minute Uber/Taxi ride or a pleasant 15 minute walk along the freedom trail through the Navy Yard National Park from the North Station T (green and orange lines) and Commuter Rail Station. You can also take the MBTA water shuttle from Long Wharf (Downtown) to Navy Yard Pier 4 (next to Pier 6) which departs every 30 min departs on the hour and half hour. Water Taxi connections to Pier 6 are available from many Boston Harbor locations.

If you are driving, Pier 6 parking lot fills up early. We recommend the Flagship Wharf parking garage, it’s less expensive and next to pier 6. There is also some street parking available with no time limit on weekends.

Our Private Charters depart from a few different locations, so if you are unsure, please check your email ticket. You may be launching from:

Battery Wharf, North End Harbor Walk
3 Battery Wharf
Boston, MA 02019
Take Commercial Street to Battery Wharf. Walk down Battery Wharf and follow the Harborwalk to the left. The Harborwalk will lead you to the dock. View a Map.

Moakley Courthouse Dock
1 Courthouse Way
Boston, MA 02210
View a Map.

Reel House Restaurant Dock – East Boston
6 New Street
Boston, MA 02128
View a Map.

*For North End, Seaport, or East Boston departures, the boat will arrive closer to 10 minutes before the departure time due to shuttle time needed.

Do I have to pedal?

No! The captain can raise or lower the paddle wheel to reduce the resistance, making the pedaling easier (just like lowering the gear on a bicycle.) Since everyone works as a team, you don’t have to pedal the whole time. Most people take turns and have fun pedaling or just cruising. We can supplement your pedal power with the outboard motor, so no one has to pedal and you’ll still get the full tour!

How many people can come on a tour?

We have three boats, Cycleboat One’s capacity is 16 with pedal stations for 10 and a lounge area for 6, Rosie the Riveter’s capacity is 24 with pedal stations for 12 and a lounge area for 12 and Sweet Caroline’s capacity is 24 with pedal stations for 12 and a lounge area for 14. You could reserve two boats and double the size of your group.

Does Everyone Pedal?

We have three boats, Cycleboat One’s capacity is 16 with pedal stations for 10 and a lounge area for 6, Rosie the Riveter’s capacity is 24 with pedal stations for 12 and a lounge area for 12 and Sweet Caroline’s capacity is 24 with pedal stations for 12 and a lounge area for 14. On public tours we do our best to make sure that everyone gets a turn at a pedaling seat.

What should I wear or bring?

It’s unlikely you’ll get wet, but small splashes could happen. Dress for comfort outside, it can be a little windier or cooler on the harbor, so we do recommend an extra layer especially for evening tours. Sunglasses and hats are great but you will be seated under a large canopy shielding direct sun and rain. No need to bring a cooler as we provide an Ice Chest on board.

Are all cruises BYOB?

Yes! Riders who are of age are welcome to bring beer, wine or pre-mixed cocktails (no hard alcohol) to enjoy on their Cycleboat ride! Of course non-alcoholic beverages are okay too! We have ice, coolers and cup holders on board to make sure you always have a cold drink on hand. This should go without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway: you must be 21 or older (and have the ID to prove it). Please keep in mind that open containers are only allowed on board the Cycleboat and cannot be taken back onto the dock.

Hard alcohol is the same as liquor, spirits, or a distilled drink. As a rule of thumb if the drink is over 20% ABV(Alcohol by Volume) it is not allowed on the Cycleboat. Hard Seltzer is perfectly fine to bring. In fact, it’s our favorite! 

Can I bring food?

Sure! Yes, snacks are great or anything you can eat with one hand (i.e. sandwich). Anything that requires a fork and knife is probably not a good idea.

Is there a bathroom?

There is a bathroom aboard or 24 and 26 person boats for emergencies. Our 16 person boat does not have a bathroom but can make a short bathroom stop at the tour’s halfway point. We strongly encourage you to use the adjacent Public Restrooms before your tour starts.

What happens if we have bad weather the day of our tour?

The Cycleboat pedals rain or shine thanks to a protective canopy that covers the boat. We do cancel tours due to extreme weather including thunderstorms or very high winds. In this case we’ll try to notify you at least 2 hours before departure time however the captain always has the authority to cancel tour if weather conditions change. In this case passengers will be given a credit to reschedule or a refund. Your safety is our top priority.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

If we cancel a trip due to weather, you will either be rescheduled at your convenience or refunded 100%. Cancellations less than 48hrs in advance can not be refunded. Prior to 48hrs in advance can be rescheduled or refunded less a 10% administrative fee.

Can kids come on the boat?

Yes! Kids 6 and up can join any cruise. Please keep in mind that anyone is invited to bring their own alcoholic beverages on public tours. There is no minimum age for private charters, just let us know in advance so we can make sure to have appropriate lifejackets on board in case of an emergency

Can I tip the Crew?

Gratuities are greatly appreciated for a job well done at the discretion of the guest. All private charters will include an automatic 15% gratuity.  You can adjust the gratuity after your cruise based on your experience. No cash? No problem, our crew has their own Venmo accounts or you can add a gratuity to your online reservation when you first make it or afterwards by sending us an email.

What if I'm late the day of my tour?

We strongly recommend planning to arrive at least 20 minutes early for your Cycleboat ride so you can board and get situated. For a public tour the boat will leave on time (without you). If you have booked the whole boat, we will wait to leave but it will shorten your time on the water because we have a daily schedule to keep.

How long is a tour?

Each standard Cycleboat tour is 90 minutes long. We can also offer a 3 hour tour for Private Charters (at two times the price).

If you have already joined us on a tour and had a good time, we would love for you to leave us a review.

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